Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst

May 5, 1882 — September 27, 1960

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May 5, 1882 — September 27, 1960


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About Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst

Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst (born 5 May 1882 in Manchester – died 27 September 1960 in Addis Ababa) was an English campaigner for the suffrage and suffragette movement, a socialist and later a prominent left communist and activist in the cause of anti-fascism and the international auxiliary language movement. She spent much of her later life campaigning on behalf of Ethiopia, where she eventually moved.

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Source: Workers’ Liberty Website;First published: in Women’s Dreadnought, 26 May 1917;Marked up: by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists Internet Archive. The great Whitechapel and Commercial Roads run through the heart of the London Jewish and immigrant quarter. Russians, Romanians, Armenians, peoples of all oppressed nationalities live here, Jews forming the majority, for Jews, the people who have no country, are always most cruelly oppressed by tyrannical Governments. Under the gray skies of this northern [European] city the people of the East still cling to the gay, rich colors they knew in lands where the sun pours from the cloudless blue sky unhindered by smoke or mist. In the shops of the Whitechapel Roa... (From :
Source: The Revolutionary Age, August 9, 1919;Transcribed: Sally Ryan for in 2000;Proofread: by Chris Clayton 2006. Preface OUR progress is very slow. When the Allied intervention to crush the Russian Soviets began a year ago, it was impossible to arouse British workers to protest against it. In June, 1918, when the Allies were as yet only meddling tentatively in Russia, Kerensky came to this country to appeal to the Allies to make a great war upon the Soviets. His first appearance was at the Labor Party Conference at Westminster. He was introduced to the Conference by Arthur Henderson and received a great ovation from the delegates who had not thought enough about Russia to understand that he was the tool of the Czarist ... (From :
Mistakes of the Communist Party of Ireland The Communist Party of Ireland , Third International, through its organ, The Workers’ Republic, puts forward a program for an Irish Republic This program is not a Communist one: we urge the Irish Communists to withdraw it and put forward a genuine Communist program in its place. NONCOMMUNIST PROGRAM OF THE IRISH C.P. REQUIRING REVISION (1) Ownership and control of all the heavy industries by the state for the benefit of all the people (2) Complete ownership of the transport system by the state-railways, canals, shipping, etc. (3) State ownership of all the banks. (4) Confiscation of the large ranches and estates without compensation to the landed aristocracy, and the distr... (From :
Workers’ Memory “The Workers’ Dreadnought”: “The Communist Party: Provisional Resolutions towards a Program” Introduction In this issue of our English-language review “Communism” we’re starting a new heading “Workers’ Memory” – just like we’ve been republishing for several years already in our French and Spanish reviews other important and often old texts from the workers’ movement that today are difficult to find. We consider this to be an essential part of our struggle to revitalize the communist movement. Our aim is not to simply republish something that once existed – we are not curators of some “proletarian” museum &n... (From :
Source: Sylvia Pankhurst, “Education of the Masses” Dreadnought Pamphlet No. 1, 1918, 16 pages, price 1d;Published: by The Dreadnought Publishers, 152 Fleet Street, E.C.4.;Transcribed: by Ted Crawford. From internal evidence it looks as if this was an article written in Workers Dreadnought a year or two previously and republished as a pamphlet in 1922 “You cannot educate the mass.” How often that phrase is heard in the working class movement; and what a cruel blasphemy against the human mind is contained in those cruel words! The facts of history expose the falsity of the silly saying, which comes with peculiarly ill grace from those who profess to be scientific workers for a Communist Millennium in which all sha... (From :
Source: The Cry For Justice: An Anthology of the Literature of Social Protest, ed. by Upton Sinclair, John C. Winston Co., 1915;Transcribed: Sally Ryan for in 2002. SHE was then surrounded and held down, whilst the chair was tilted backwards. She clenched her teeth, but the doctor pulled her mouth away to form a pouch and the wardress poured in milk and brandy, some of which trickled in through the crevices. Later in the day the doctors and wardresses again appeared. They forced her down on to the bed and held her there. One of the doctors then produced a tube two yards in length with a glass junction in the center and a funnel at one end. He forced the other end of the tube up her nostril, hurting her so terribly that the m... (From :
Source: Workers’ Liberty, No.62, April 2000. Keir Hardie (1856-1915) was first elected to Parliament as a labor and socialist MP in 1892. A year later he helped to set up the Independent Labor Party, which was to form one of the strands of the Labor Representation Committee in 1900. This year the Blairite-run New Labor celebrated the formation of the LRC, and honored Keir Hardie in the Party’s magazine. But Keir Hardie does not deserve to be regarded as a folk-hero by the likes of Tony Blair. In his lifetime he was not always well regarded by contemporary socialists, particuarly those in the Social Democratic Federation. After his death labor movement biographers, keen to make Labor respectable, tried to play down his sociali... (From :
Source:; Article “The Future Society” originally published in One Big Union Bulletin, 2 August 1923. The words Socialism and Communism have the same meaning. They indicate a condition of society in which the wealth of the community: the land and the means of production, distribution and transport are held in common, production being for use and not for profit. Socialism being an ideal towards which we are working, it is natural that there should be some differences of opinion in that future society. Since we are living under Capitalism it is natural that many people’s ideas of Socialism should be colored by their experiences of life under the presen... (From :
Source: E. Sylvia Pankhurst, “Housing & the Workers’ Revolution – Housing in Capitalist Britain and Bolshevik Russia” W.S.F. Publication pamphlet;Published: by The Workers’ Socialist Federation, 400, Old Ford Road, E.3., 18 pages, price sixpence, 1918;Transcribed: by Ted Crawford. Landlordism 10 and 11 Lime Street, London, 30th March, 1917. As Solicitors for Louisa Amy Leatherdale, the freeholder of the forecourt or garden in front of the house No. – , Grove Road, Bow, E., we give you notice that you have no right of way, light, air, water, drainage, user, or other rights as owner or occupier over to, from, or through, such forecourt or garden, in respect of or in connection with the said house;... (From :
Letter to Lenin 27 October 1920 Source: The Guardian.Dear Comrade, The situation is moving in a revolutionary direction more swiftly, but of course we are far away yet. The prices of necessaries are rising, but the cost of living is not totally supposed to have risen this month. Unemployment is now acute, and the unemployed are restive. One of Lansbury’s meetings was broken up by members of my party because he advised peaceful methods, and the crowd supported the young dockers, seamen, and others of my party who opposed him. Unemployed march to factories, enter them, make speeches, and speak of using them. Ex-soldiers arm and drill. Do not exaggerate these things – they are not formidable yet. Unemployed smashed windows and... (From :
Source: The Communist International, June 1919, No. 2, pp. 171-176 (5,529 words)Transcribed: Ted CrawfordHTML Markup: Brian ReidPublic Domain: Marxists Internet Archive (2007). You may freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works. Please credit “Marxists Internet Archive” as your source. Wake up! wake up! oh, sleepy British people! The new war is in full blast, and you are called to fight in it; you cannot escape; you must take part. Out of the old inter-capitalist war between the Allies and the Central Empires, the war, the actual crude, cruel fighting between the workers and the capitalists has emerged. Soldiers who enlisted, or were conscripted, for the old... (From :
Thirteenth Session August 6 Zinoviev: The Bureau proposes to end the Congress with today’s session. Münzenberg: I propose on behalf of the members of the youth organizations present the motion that the Congress should not be closed without having discussed the question of the youth movement. On the one hand the representatives of the youth movements have every interest in discussing the question of the communist youth movement and its relationship to the Communist International in a full session. On the other hand the significance of the youth movement is so great in the Communist Party that the discussion of the question in front of the whole Congress should take place. Perhaps it is possible to so so today in which case we h... (From :
Source: Unsigned front page article by Sylvia Pankhurst, Workers’ Dreadnought, 28 July 1923;Transcribed: by Adam Buick;Proofread: by Chris Clayton 2006. Socialism means plenty for all. We do not preach a gospel of want and scarcity, but of abundance. Our desire is not to make poor those who to-day are rich, in order to put the poor in the place where the rich now are. Our desire is not to pull down the present rulers to put other rulers in their places. We wish to abolish poverty and to provide abundance for all. We do not call for limitation of births, for penurious thrift, and self-denial. We call for a great production that will supply all, and more than all the people can consume. Such a great production is already possible, ... (From :
Source: W.S.F. Publication pamphlet, 6 pages, ;First published: in their paper then called Women’s Dreadnought on Saturday 13 May 1916. This appears to be only the first article and the first page of the second. The British Library catalog refers in a bound collection of WSF pamphlets to “1919, ‘Thoughts on Easter Week’, 1916, by E. Sylvia Pankhurst – ‘Scenes from the rebellion’ by Patricia Lynch – ‘The first Sinn Fein member of Parliament’ by Mary O’Callaghan,” but the third is missing. Note all three authors are women and only few months later was the paper called The Workers’ Dreadnought. Patricia Lynch (1898 – 1972) was an Irish author of children&rsq... (From :
Source: Sylvia Pankhurst, “The Truth about the Oil War” Dreadnought Publications pamphlet, 27 pages;Published: by The Dreadnought Publishers, 152 Fleet Street, London, E.C. 4., Price One Penny. Oil concessions are those for which the great capitalists scramble most eagerly to-day. Oil shares are among the most profitable of all shares. Oil is the fuel which gives the greatest proportion to-day of all-round efficiency, combined with cheapness, both for manufacture and transport. Oil is the principal fuel of the world’s navies. Whoever owns the oil in peace-time; in wartime the oil will be seized by those armies and navies which control the road to it and the territory where it lies. They will seize it for their own use... (From :


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