Ferdinand Jacobus Domela Nieuwenhuis

December 31, 1846 — November 18, 1919

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About Ferdinand Jacobus Domela Nieuwenhuis

Ferdinand Jacobus Domela Nieuwenhuis (31 December 1846 – 18 November 1919) was a Dutch socialist politician and later a social anarchist and anti-militarist. He was a Lutheran preacher who, after he lost his faith, started a political fight for workers. He was a founder of the Dutch socialist movement and the first socialist in the Dutch parliament.

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Europe in flames, tens of millions of men at loggerheads in the most frightful butchery in recorded history, hundreds of millions of women and children in tears, the economic, intellectual and moral life of seven great peoples brutally suspended, with the daily more grave threat of further military complications—such, five months on, is the dismal, harrowing, odious spectacle offered by the civilized world. But this spectacle was anticipated, by anarchists at any rate. For there never has been and is no doubt—and today’s horrific events reinforce this confidence—that war is permanently incubating within the existing body of society and that armed conflict, be it specific or general, in the colonies or in Europe, is... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
Thought ever marches onwards—and more rapidly than we imagine. One year at the present time is equivalent, so far as the development of ideas is concerned, to twenty-five years of the past, and few of us can keep pace with the world’s intellectual progress. The old struggle between force and freedom, which through the centuries has engaged human attention is far from being at an end. Everywhere it reveals itself in a different form, and in all quarters it may be encountered, in the moral and political spheres. The principle of authority is the mastery of man by man, whatever may be the shape it assumes. The principle of liberty implies the power of each individual to express his opinion freely, and to arrange his life in conf... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
Preface by Elisée Reclus The work of our friend, Domela Nieuwenhuis, is the result of patient studies and personal experiences very profoundly lived; four years were spent writing this work. In a time like ours, in which events go by quickly, in which the fast succession of facts makes harder and harder the critique of ideas, four years is already a long time, and certainly, during this period, the author has been able to observe many changes in society, and his own spirit went through an evolution. The three parts of the work, published at various long intervals in La Société Nouvelle, testify of the steps traversed. Firstly, the writer studies the “various tendencies of Social Democracy in Germany”; the... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
It seems to me that our Congress is a great success as regards the meeting of socialist delegates from all over the world, but that it has barely succeeded at all from the point of view of the agenda, which we have begun work on almost on the last day, and about which apart from a few privileged people we do not dare to talk for more than five minutes. Well! I declare that I am not a magician who can cover such a broad and weighty topic in such a short space of time. That is why I relinquish my right to speak on the question itself[1], and only ask for your attention in order to add some comments on the speech of my friend de Paepe.[2] I personally expect nothing from parliamentarianism, precisely because I am a member of a parliament and ... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
Foreword The following speech, given by F. Domela Nieuwenhuis at a time when the spirit of the working people began to turn more and more revolutionary, should have found resonance in hearts and minds — not only in those of the leaders of the workers — but also of the workers of that time themselves. Had the workers heeded the spirit which resonates from the following speech, certainly the government gang, of whatever country, would not have been able to lead the masses to a slaughter like the current war. And when I had, over three years ago, the “insolence” to remind the demagogue P. J. Troelstra, in a public gathering in Leeuwarden, of the proposal of Domela Nieuwenhuis, made at an international workers congr... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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December 31, 1846
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