Francesco Saverio Merlino

September 9, 1856 — June 30, 1930

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About Francesco Saverio Merlino

Francesco Saverio Merlino (9 September 1856 – 30 June 1930) was an Italian lawyer, anarchist activist and theorist of libertarian socialism.

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Forward The brochure we are presenting to the public is the first in a series in which the essential points of the socialist anarchist revolutionary program will be developed. We believe we must leave behind the vague and general formulas with which we have contented ourselves and, instead of denying the difficulties that are truly present to the radical transformation of society, to confront and resolve them, keeping in view not a distant future, but the real conditions under which the imminent revolution will take place. By thus investigating anarchist principles and by discussing questions of organization and tactics, we above all aim to put an end to the isolation to which anarchists are condemned in certain countries , to their dist... (From:

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September 9, 1856
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June 30, 1930
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