Fred Schulder: American, Single-Tax, Tuckerite Anarchist

1874 — ?

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1874 — ?


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About Fred Schulder

Ferd Schulder (1874-1961), a single-tax anarchist, was Tucker's chief associate in Cleveland, where he lived with his companion Adeline Champney.

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The theory of anarchism has a destructive, as well as a constructive side. It, being the doctrine of equal liberty, it is necessarily opposed to all that destroys this equal liberty, classing all such destructive agencies under the general term “government.” This word has been defined by anarchists as invasion of the noninvasive individual’s liberty. In this sense, I must insist that the word be used in this discussion, for in this sense I shall use it: and if, in criticizing my statements, you use the word in a different sense, you are not criticizing the thought expressed by me, but only a thing of your own manufacture. It may be claimed, however, that government, even in this sense, is but imperfectly defined unt... (From :


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