George Hardy

July 26, 1884 — May 4, 1966

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July 26, 1884 — May 4, 1966


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About George Hardy

George Hardy (26 July 1884 – 4 May 1966) was an English communist. He was General Secretary of the Industrial Workers of the World in 1921 and later secretary of the National Minority Movement.

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Transcriber’s Introduction This article appeared in the June issue of The One Big Union Monthly, during a time of growth and turmoil for the I.W.W. Thousands of Wobblies, including the most experienced organizers and best administrators, were in prison or under indictment for "criminal syndicalism" or alleged violations of the Sedition and Espionage Acts. Under the stress of relentless government persecution, internal conflicts of personality, ideology, and practical strategy would soon cause a split in the union from which it has not yet recovered. The union’s membership saw a clear need for structural change, as well as for a change in rhetoric and tactics. The following article is one example of the prop... (From :


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July 26, 1884
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May 4, 1966
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