Georges Étiévant

June 8, 1865 — February 6, 1900

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About Georges Étiévant

Georges Etiévant , born on June 8, 1865 in Paris and died in the Salvation Islands , in Guyana on February 6, 1900 , is an individualist anarchist in favor of propaganda by the fact .

The July 27 , 1892 , he was sentenced to five years in prison for the theft of the dynamite used in the Ravachol attacks. Despite Ravachol's denials, he was sentenced with three companions. His sentence served, he was again sentenced to five years for a series of articles published in Le Libertaire . Actively wanted, he stabs a policeman January 19 , 1898 . Sentenced to death on June 15 , 1898 , his sentence is commuted to forced labor for life. He died a few years later in a penal colony in Guyana .

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Though I am a major criminal, it is no less true that I did no harm to anyone as long as I was left in peace. I worked as long as possible without bothering anyone, and I in all ways respected the rights and liberty of all. Volney said in “Natural Law”: “Preserve yourself, educate yourself, educate others.” and though Volney wasn’t an anarchist, since I didn’t see anything in this aphorism that was bad or prejudicial to anyone I put it in practice as best I could. I worked not only for myself, not only to preserve and educate myself, but also to educate others. And so, considering that all natural phenomena are connected by numeric relations, the evening come I studied math in order to be better ab... (From:
Following the theft of dynamite at Soisy-sous-Etiolles comrades Faugoux, Chalbret, Drouhet, and Étiévant were tried before the assize court of Versailles. Comrade Étiévant was to read in public the following declarations, but the tribunal quickly deprived him of the write to speak. The bourgeois newspapers gave an incomplete version of a portion of it, which was reproduced in Révolte, and which resulted in the following letter from our comrade’s father: Clichy, October 22, 1892 Comrade: As I promised, I am sending you the first part of the “Declarations” of my son Georges, all the more necessary because it elucidates the second one which, despite the blu... (From:

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June 8, 1865
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February 6, 1900
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