Gustav Landauer

German Social Anarchist, Pacifist, and Leader of the Bavarian Soviet Republic

April 7, 1870 — May 2, 1919

Description : He dies "In a prison courtyard an officer stepped up and struck him across the face, the signal for a savage massacre. Set upon by the troops, Landauer was beaten with trutcheons and rifle butts, kicked, stomped and trampled upon. 'Kill me, then!' he exclaimed, 'to think that you are human beings!" At that he was shot to death. (From : Anarchist Portraits, Arvich)

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Quotes :

"Anarchism is the goal that we pursue: the absence of domination and of the state; the freedom of the individual. Socialism is the means by which we want to reach and secure this freedom: solidarity, sharing, and cooperative labor." (From : "Anarchism -- Socialism," by Gustav Landauer.)
"True cooperative labor and true community can only exist where individuals are free, and free individuals can only exist where our needs are met by brotherly solidarity." (From : "Anarchism -- Socialism," by Gustav Landauer.)
"Leaving allegories aside, what we need is the following: associations of humankind in affairs that concern the interests of humankind; associations of a particular people in affairs that concern the interests of a particular people; associations of particular social groups in affairs that concern particular social groups; associations of two people in affairs that concern the interests of two people; individualization in affairs that concern the interests of the individual." (From : "Anarchism -- Socialism," by Gustav Landauer.)

Biography :

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Gustav Landauer was one of the leading theorists on anarchism in Germany at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. He was an advocate of social anarchism and an avowed pacifist. In 1919, during the German Revolution, he was briefly Commissioner of Enlightenment and Public Instruction of the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic. He was killed when this Republic was overthrown.

From : Wikipedia.

Works :

Author of The 12 Articles of the Socialist Federation (November 30, 1907)

Author of Anarchism in Germany (December 31, 1969)

Author of Anarchism - Socialism (November 30, 1894)

Author of Call to Socialism (November 30, 1910)

Author of Weak Statesmen, Weaker People! (November 30, 1909)

Chronology :

April 07, 1870 : Gustav Landauer's Birth Day.
May 02, 1919 : Gustav Landauer's Death Day.
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April 21, 2019 : Gustav Landauer's Updated.

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