Halyna Kouzmenko

1896 — 1978

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About Halyna Kouzmenko

Agafya "Halyna" or "Galina" Andreyevna Kuzmenko Makhno (Ukrainian: Галина Андріївна Кузьменко, Russian: Агафья (Галина) Андреевна Кузьменко; 1896–1978) was a Ukrainian teacher and anarchist, and the wife of Nestor Makhno.

Halyna Kuzmenko was, according to most sources, born in 1896 in Kiev in what was then the Russian Empire.[2] After her birth, her parents moved to the village of Pichtchany Brid in the Yekaterinoslav Governorate, in what is now Kirovohrad Oblast in central Ukraine. Other sources claim that she was born in 1892,[3] in Pichtchany Brid.[4] Her father, a former farmer, worked as a policeman.[2][3]

During her higher education, she attended the teachers' seminar in Kiev, and became a teacher in 1916.[2] She taught Ukrainian language and literature[3] in the town of Huliaipole (also spelled 'Gulyai-Pole' and variants). She became well known as a Ukrainian anarchist and patriot and as an active local activist of the Prosvita.[2][3] In early 1919, Halyna Kuzmenko married Nestor Makhno, who at the time was leading the forces of the Free Territory against the invading Russian Red Army as the Russian Civil War came to Ukraine.[5] She was described by Viktor Belash, Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine, as a tireless advocate for women and their education.[6] In the fall of 1919, she was elected president of the Union of Teachers.[3]

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“Between 1918 and 1921, in the anarchist Ukraine, one of the greatest victories of the anti-hierarchical struggle inside the man class took place. Nestor Makhno — who was nicknamed ‘Batko’, that is, ‘Father’ — made some elegant speeches during the insurrection: (...) But when Makhno spoke of the emancipation of humanity, that did not prevent him, in his everyday behavior, from restricting membership of humanity. Voline, who took part in Makhno’s insurrectionary campaign, writes: ‘The second shortcoming of Makhno and many of his close associates — commanders and others — was their attitude towards women. Especially when inebriated, these men indulged in inadmissible acts &mdas... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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