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About International of Anarchist Federations

The International of Anarchist Federations (French: Internationale des Fédérations Anarchistes; abbreviated IAF/IFA) was founded during an international anarchist conference in Carrara in 1968 by the three existing European federations of France, Italy and Spain as well as the Bulgarian federation in French exile. Other groups were also present in the formation of the IAF, such as the now defunct London Federation of Anarchists who took part in the preparation for the conference in 1968.[1] According to Time magazine, before the first IAF conference in Carrara could begin, firemen were called to check the venue for bombs. The Carrara congress was a response to a congress held in London from June to August 1958 which "recreated a certain dynamism and wish towards the organizational aspiration of international anarchism".

The IAF has since aimed to build and improve strong and active international anarchist structures. The federations associated with IAF believe that such an organization is necessary to co-ordinate their international work and efficiently co-operate towards their mutual aims.

In order to further improve the quality of exchange and cooperation, IAF also keeps close contact with other anarchist organizations, such as the International Workers' Association (IWA), an international association of anarcho-syndicalist organizations and unions. The IAF contains many anarchist-communist federations and individuals.

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The AISC is inspired by among other things the works of Sun Tzu interpreted in a libertarian way, i.e., say, the term “sovereign” is interpreted as the people, seen as a class as opposed to superiors, and not a ruler/rulers [x-arch(s), where x can be anything but not ‘an’], etc. Remember also at the historic time of Sun Tzu there were no airforce, cruise missiles, nuclear bombs and similar. Also Sun Tzu believed too much in cadaver discipline. He had an amateurish philosophy of life that is omitted in the libertarian interpretation. AISC is also inspired by George Orwell’s “Homage to Catalonia”. Remember an anarchy at war will elect one upper general for the armed forces, i.e. the antimilitar... (From:
Preliminary Clarifications Geist, noun: the spirit of an individual or group. We are the Anarchist International. Our existence has been kept a secret from you for over a century, although it is almost certain that you have been able to discern our actions when they have taken place. Some would like to argue that the Anarchist International came into being in 1872 when the anarchists were expelled from the First International, but this is certainly incorrect. The Anarchist International came into being when the first wandering nomads from across the various kingdoms and empires met in smoke filled rooms or desert oases and began to conspire on how to live freely. In the 1860′s, we attempted to give our sha... (From:
As an international think-tank, we offer the following basic principles and tools to all anarchists. These principles are currently being put into practice across the world. These tools are meant to be experimented with, transformed, and enhanced. 1: Build and maintain antagonistic infrastructure The first priority for anarchists is to build and maintain antagonistic infrastructure. We use this term to mean infrastructure that is inherently conflictual by right of existing. Infrastructure cannot be antagonistic unless its very existence challenges the laws, morals, and equilibrium of the world capitalist system. A community garden on land that is purchased by the gardeners merely provides a few lucky people with the cha... (From:
We who are everywhere homeless, for whom the insurrection is only ever an absence — something unreachable that has become more unreachable for our having quested after it — the only home that we could find is in homelessness and absence. For this reason we can truly say that home can be found anywhere, but also that its outside is nowhere to be found. In becoming everywhere homeless, our greatest loss has not been home itself but rather our ability to leave. Each time we have run away from home we have been returned to it. Returned, at first, to a specific door under the eye of an officer of the law, and later to a universal condition under the watch of all. It is no longer the case that in the search for what’s absent we ... (From:
phenomenology, noun: 1: The science of phenomena as distinct from that of the nature of being 2: An approach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the objects of direct experience I: Phenomenology Of Dog In Athens, the center of western civilization, there are numerous stray dogs that wander the dirty streets of the eternal city. Some of them have a very distinct and clear territory. For example, there has recently been a small brown dog that sits in front of the Kallithea metro station. Occasionally, the small brown dog follows random people, sometimes even walking onto the station platform or across the street and into the school. But this dog stays within its territory and seems to enjoy the constant presence ... (From:

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