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About Jacqueline V.

Jacqueline V., a French student.


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[Note in original: The following account was narrated to several coworkers of the first issue of Black and Red by Jacqueline V., one of the thousands of students who participated in the struggle in France last May.] The police entered the Sorbonne on the 3rd of May and there was a spontaneous demonstration outside. The second step which was very important was the 6th of May, when thousands of people demonstrated. On that day we were sort of going around wondering what we could do. The police were there. The student union had prepared a demonstration for 9 in the morning, and none of the union people were there. They said the demonstration was postponed to 6 in the evening, far from the student area. So everyone was surprised. Not eve... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
Background by Linda Lanphear [Some of the details concerning the Mexican student uprising were obtained from the independent magazine Por Que?] A bloody struggle between students and police took place in Mexico City during the last part of July and the first part of August. The violence began when the police broke into Vocational Schools #2 and #5, detaining and brutally beating both students and instructors. The immediate cause for this intrusion on the part of the police was a street fight between students from vocational and preparatory schools. 1 As there is great rivalry between these schools, the street fight that broke out on July 23rd was not an uncommon occurrence; indeed, it is “a very common thing,” as one... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)


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