Jacques Camatte

1935 — ?

Biography :

Jacques Camatte (born 1935[1]) is a French writer who once was a Marxist theoretician and member of the International Communist Party, a primarily Italian left communist organization under the influence of Amadeo Bordiga, which denounced the USSR as capitalist and aimed to rebuild an anti-Stalinist Leninism. Following theses of the early Italian Communist Party (under Bordiga's leadership), it refused all participation in the electoral system and generally considered democracy a perversion of class struggle and a means of oppression. Camatte left the ICP in 1966 to protest against its "activist" turn, and to defend the purity of revolutionary theory in his journal Invariance.

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Works :

Author of Against Domestication (November 30, 1972)

Author of Beaubourg: Future Cancer? (November 30, 1996)

Author of The Democratic Mystification (November 30, 1968)

Author of May–June 1968: The Exposure (November 30, 1976)

Author of On Organization (April 09, 1969)

Author of The Wandering of Humanity (November 30, 1972)

Chronology :

November 30, 1934 : Jacques Camatte's Birth Day.
April 21, 2020 : Jacques Camatte's Added.

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