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About Jesse S. Cohn

Jesse Cohn teaches in the Department of English, publishing research on twentieth- and twenty-first-century literature, popular culture, theory, and the cultural history of anarchism.

Dr. Cohn’s research looks at the way people have created and contested representations: both artistic and political. As such, his work is interdisciplinary, regarding literary and cultural works as, in Kenneth Burke’s phrase, “equipment for living” — and for changing the way we live.

Author, Underground Passages: Anarchist Resistance Culture, 1848-2011 (AK Press, 2015)

Translator, A Little Philosophical Lexicon of Anarchism from Proudhon to Deleuze (Minor Compositions, 2019)

Co-Editor, special issue of Democratic Communiqué: “Media of Crisis, Criticism, and Opposition: Tactical Media in the Struggle for Social Change” (with Rhon Teruelle)

He teaches composition and first-year experience courses, literary theory and research methods, popular genres (science fiction and fantasy, film, the graphic novel, humor), and contemporary literature.


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