Joseph Déjacque

Anarchist Inventor of the Term "Libertarianism"

December 27, 1821 — November 18, 1865

Biography :

Joseph Déjacque (French: [deʒak]; December 27, 1821, Paris – 1864, Paris) was a French early anarcho-communist poet, philosopher and writer. Déjacque was the first recorded person to employ the term "libertarian" (French: libertaire) for himself in a political sense in a letter written in 1857, criticizing Pierre-Joseph Proudhon for his sexist views on women, his support of individual ownership of the product of labor and of a market economy, saying that "it is not the product of his or her labor that the worker has a right to, but to the satisfaction of his or her needs, whatever may be their nature".

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Works :

Author of On "Exchange" (September 21, 1858)

Author of The Circulus in Universality (November 30, 1857)

Author of Down with the Bosses! (March 31, 1859)

Author of Essay on Religion (November 30, 1860)

Author of On the Human Being, Male and Female (November 30, 1856)

Author of Scandal (August 02, 1858)

Author of Servile War (October 26, 1859)

Author of The Humanisphere (November 30, 1857)

Author of The Theory of Infinitesimal Humanities (November 30, 1858)

Author of The Revolutionary Question (November 30, 1853)

Author of The Trial Statement of Joseph Déjacque (October 23, 1851)

Chronology :

December 27, 1821 : Joseph Déjacque's Birth Day.
November 18, 1865 : Joseph Déjacque's Death Day.
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February 21, 2022 : Joseph Déjacque's Updated.

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