Joseph James Ettor

1885 — 1948

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About Joseph James Ettor

Joseph James "Smiling Joe" Ettor (1885–1948) was an Italian-American trade union organizer who, in the middle-1910s, was one of the leading public faces of the Industrial Workers of the World. Ettor is best remembered as a defendant in a controversial trial related to a killing in the seminal Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912, in which he was acquitted of charges of having been an accessory.

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"A peasant in Revolt is infinitely wiser than the learned philosopher who tries to forge an apology for his chains." Kossuth. FOREWORD The struggle of the wage workers for industrial freedom is fast assuming proportions that challenge the attention of all classes in present day society. The oppressive conditions under which the vast majority of wage workers must live is forcing the members of that class to seek for a means of relief. That search for relief must of necessity be a question for knowledge. It is with the sincere hope of being able to in some measure fill this demand for knowledge on the part of my class that this pamphlet has been written.. With the ending of the revolt of the slaves in the Textile Mills ... (From:

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