Juliet H. Severance: American Feminist, Physician, Labor Organizer, and Enemy of the Death Penalty

June 1, 1833 — September 3, 1919

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June 1, 1833 — September 3, 1919


Juliet Severance was an American physician and feminist of the 19th century. She was one of the first woman physicians of the United States, having graduated in 1858.

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About Juliet H. Severance

She was the leader of several Labor organizations. In the biographical dictionary Women of the Century (1893), she is called "a radical of the radicals" and also "a model mother and a housekeeper".

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Fellow Laborers, Brothers, Sisters, of the Great Human Family: 'I APPEAR before you not as a silver tongued speaker to tickle your fancies, please your conceits, or to call forth your applause by lofty flights of oratory; but as a cool and deliberate sympathizer in your labors, sufferings, hopes and fears; as one who for years has studied to find out what the matter is in this favored land, that possesses all the elements of prosperity of all other countries in the world; that there can be at the same time creaking warehouses, burdened by the surplus products, and also millions starving. Mothers agonizing for their children who cry for bread they have not to give; fathers desperate and ready for almost anything that promises redress. ... (From : RevoltLib.com.)


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June 1, 1833
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September 3, 1919
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