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About Kevin Tucker

I am a primal anarchist advocate, writer, editor, independent researcher, publisher, musician, and rewilding human.

And I'm not a fan of talking about myself.

The ideas that we contribute to as anarchists, as primitivists, as rewilding animals, the life that we contribute through trying to undo domestication, to resist the grasp of programmers, priests, politicians and developers, are all fundamentally more important than any individual. My hope is and always has been to connect the dots, to focus on and try to understand how domestication and power originate and perpetuate so that we can undo them. Or, at the very least, resist them with our lives.

This site is intended to post up writings and update projects that I have been working on over my last 2+ decades as an anarchist. As someone who hates technology, don't expect much from it, but hopefully there's something within all of this that resonates. Good or bad, feel free to write through the Contact page either way.

I am the author of Cull of Personality (Black and Green Press, 2019), Gathered Remains (Black and Green Press, 2018), For Wildness and Anarchy (Black and Green Press, 2010) and numerous upcoming projects. I'm the host of Primal Anarchy podcast, co-founded the Black and Green Network in 2000 and started Black and Green Press at that time. I was the editor of Species Traitor: an insurrectionary anarcho-primitivist journal (2000-2005), frequent contributor to Green Anarchy (2000-2008), and am the founder of and coeditor for Wild Resistance: A Journal of Primal Anarchy (formerly Black and Green Review) (2015-).

Areas of Interest: Ethnohistory, Cultural Anthropology, History, Ecology, Collapse, Hunter-gatherers, Complexity, Origins of Social Systems, Horticulture, Horticultural Warfare, Ethology, Peak Oil, Climate Change, Technology, Social Media, Colonialism, Decolonization, Rewilding, Social Movements, Resistance to Empires.


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