Le Bandit Du Nord

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What is an honest man? Few of those who claim the diploma of honesty have taken the trouble to examine the meaning of the title of honest man. It is the submissive, the slave, the crawling worker who salutes, venerates, and bows before the boss who causes him to die of hunger who is an honest man. The supervisor who is the watchdog in service to the boss, who distributes fines, who squeals on the least action by a worker, who fires him and plunges his family into poverty who is an honest man. The soldier who lines up and correctly executes the antics he is ordered to carry out, who receives the insults of a corporal or any other rank without blinking, who allows himself to be called an imbecile, lazy, and an idiot is an honest man. The m... (From: Marxists.org.)
It’s not only France and the other governments of Europe that pursue us. On November 11, 1887 the Americans hung four of ours in Chicago. The day of the execution comrade Most publicly condemned the bourgeoisie and as a result was sentenced to prison. He has just been arrested and is serving his sentence. Bravo, gentlemen of the bourgeoisie. The more you strike out at our ideas the more they will spread. Strike hard! (From: Marxists.org.)
What difference is there between anarchists and other men? There is none! In fact, take out a register and carry out an interesting survey: consult everyone around you about the reforms that should be carried out and you'll find that they are all partisans of the suppression of either one or several laws. When you've gathered together all these opinions, add up the sum of the suppressions of laws requested by each person and there will be nothing left to be done but to burn the penal code. This is what the anarchists demand. They are the summation of the aspirations of all, the conclusion to the volume of reforms, and in carrying out this survey you will have written an anarchist book. (From: Marxists.org.)
Source: Le Bandit du Nord. Year 1, no. 1. Sunday February 9, 1890; Translated: for marxists.org by Mitchell Abidor. In Paris last Thursday a meeting organized by the famous Basly [1] took place in the thirteenth arrondissement. There was a debate, and the other famous person, Paulin May [2], was there to participate. It seems he was attacked with sticks and stones. Five or six politicians were more or less seriously wounded. If only, like the two lions in the fable, they would devour each other so that nothing was left on the battlefield but their two tails, at least the people could pick them up and make a bouillon of them (pigs tails also make a very good one). 1. Emile Basly – leader of the miners’ union in the north of F... (From: Marxists.org.)

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