Lorraine Perlman

1926 — 2015

Biography :

Conversations with Judith Malina rarely ended without her advocating “the beautiful nonviolent anarchist revolution.” Strategy to realize it always followed. Her efforts to achieve this ideal resulted in her arrest for civil disobedience in twelve different countries.

She and her husband Julian Beck established The Living Theater in New York City in 1947 when they were in their 20s. Cultural foundations offering support were non-existent. Despite the constant shortage of physical space to rehearse and perform, they produced plays by radical playwrights like William Carlos Williams, Antonin Artaud, Paul Goodman and Tennessee Williams.

Catholic Worker pacifists like Dorothy Day and anarchists like Goodman greatly influenced both Judith and Julian. Their half-century of committed activism still serves as a model.

From : Fifth Estate.

Works :

Author of Chicago 1968 (September 30, 1968)

Author of Having Little, Being Much (November 30, 1988)

Author of Manual for Revolutionary Leaders (November 30, 1971)

Chronology :

November 30, 1925 : Lorraine Perlman's Birth Day.
November 30, 2014 : Lorraine Perlman's Death Day.
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February 21, 2022 : Lorraine Perlman's Updated.

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