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About Louis Adeane

Contributor of Resistance, an anarchist publication produced out of New York.

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Adeane, Louis [a.k.a. Donald Potter] (1944). "Psychoanalysis and Government (Part I)." Now 2: 57-68. - - - (1945). "Psychoanalysis and Government (Part II)." Now 3: 21-29. DEFINITIONS. This essay will attempt to examine organized government in the light of psychoanalytic theory. The suggestions which will be put forward could be applied not only to the political institution of government, but to any authoritarian group whose existence is sanctioned by society : a religious autocracy, for instance, or the executive committee of a political party. The following definition by Malatesta indicates more precisely what is meant : "Government is the aggregate of the governors, and the governors .... are those who have the power to make laws, t... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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