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About Louisa Sarah Bevington

Louisa Sarah Bevington (born St John's Hill, Battersea, Surrey, now London Borough of Wandsworth, 14 May 1845; died Lechmere Road, Willesden Green, Middlesex, now London Borough of Brant, 28 November 1895) was an English anarchist, essayist and poet. Among those who attended her funeral was Peter Kropotkin.

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What? bomb‐throwing—killing—violence, useful? What sort of Anarchists are those who say that? Where is their Anarchism, their belief in freedom, and the right of every living man to his own life and liberty? Anarchism is not bomb throwing, violence, incendiarism, destruction. Odd that anything so self evident should need saying. Odder still that one set of Anarchists should be obliged to turn round in the thick of battle against the common foe to say it to another set. Real Anarchists too, not hybrids, with one eye on freedom and the other on property. Of course the capitalist press has naturally found it convenient to identify Anarchists with bombs, and equally of course, some of our “social” democratic friend... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
FELLOW WORKERS, We come before you as Anarchist Communists to explain our principles. We are aware that the minds of many of you have been poisoned by the lies which all parties have diligently spread about us. But surely the persecutions to which we have been and are subjected by the governing classes of all countries should open the eyes of those who love fair play. Thousands of our comrades are suffering in prison or are driven homeless from one country to the other. Free speech—almost the only part of British liberty that can be of any use to the people—is denied to us in many instances, as the events of the last few years have shown. The misery around us is increasing year by year. And yet there was never so m... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
A DIALOGUE. Dunce.— What is money? The Other Fellow.— Something rare and useless which you are compelled to obtain before anyone will let you get at things that are needful, useful and plentiful. Dunce.— Oh! Then, I suppose, if you have not got any money you had better leave off hoping for the plentiful things, and set to work to make what you want for yourself. Other Fellow.— Why, old man, you can’t! Dunce.— How's that? I feel as if I could. Other Fellow.— Not you. Money is there to stop you. It is a means used not only for making it difficult for you to get at what is ready‐made, but also for making it danger... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
Yes! order. That is what we Anarchists are struggling to get in the place of the shameful “chaos and disorder” that we see around us. The disorder in the World and the Misery of the Workers is caused by the system of Monopoly and Capitalism, and by the brutal working of the laws, made by Monopolists and Profitmongers to protect themselves and their dishonest gains. It is to the interest of Monopolists and Capitalists to make you believe that Anarchists are “enemies of society”. They tell you that Anarchists want to turn the world “upside down.” Workers! “The world is upside down already” and the Anarchists are people who are giving their whole lives and powers in trying to... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
I advocate and I look forward to wholesale expropriation because I do not believe there is any such thing as a right to property, and because I hold that it is disastrous, nay, fatal, to the welfare of all individuals composing the community, to have to regulate their lives and affairs in accordance with a fictitious abstraction which has no warrant and no basis in the natural laws of life. I desire universal expropriation, not merely because the power that property-holding gives to man over man is in wrong hands, and consequently abused, but because it seems clear to me that property-holding is all abuse in itself, and that to hold property is to make wrong use of anyone’s hands at all. I desire to see the bottom knocked out of the n... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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