Luigi Galleani : Insurrectionary Anarchist and Alleged Mastermind of the Wallstreet Bombing

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(1861 - 1931)


Famous internationally, he was a proponent of propaganda by the deed. Galleani became versed in legal and political theory at the University of Turin while acquiring a law degree. As a fervent supporter of Anarchism, he was wanted by the Italian police.

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"The anarchist, assumes himself/herself at least, to have reached (under the whip of experience, or cross the inquiry, the study, the meditation) the belief that social unease in nature and misery is in servitude..."

From : "The Principal of Organization to the Light of Anarchism," by Luigi Galleani

"...they descend from a primeval monopoly, fundamentally: from the cornering, to the work of a greedy minority, of the ground, the fields and minerals, those products of the ground are modified in the elements of life, of security, of joy; of the railways and shops that these products spread for all the latitudes in exchange of other products, or against the gold of the realm that is the tool of wealth, of power, of tyranny..."

From : "The Principal of Organization to the Light of Anarchism," by Luigi Galleani

" that church that consecrates this usurpation like a particular benediction of god, like the state that is legitimate in the parliaments, in the codes, in the tribunals, and defends it with its rules, with its army; which the morale, the hypocrite and dewy moral flow, the thief merges this camp into a circus of religious devotion."

From : "The Principal of Organization to the Light of Anarchism," by Luigi Galleani


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About Luigi Galleani

 Luigi Galleani 1

Luigi Galleani 1

Luigi Galleani (1861-1931) was a major 20th century anarchist born in Vercelli Italy. Famous internationally, he was a proponent of propaganda by the deed. Galleani became versed in legal and political theory at the University of Turin while acquiring a law degree. As a fervent supporter of Anarchism, he was wanted by the Italian police. Consequently, Galleani fled Turin before completing his degree in 1880. Galleani wound up in France, where he would spend 20 years. He spent a brief period in Switzerland before being deported. Galleani was deported soon after arriving in France, and returned to Italy. In Italy he was arrested and detained for several years in prison and on the island of Pantelleria. He married a woman on the island and fathered four children by her. He escaped the island to Egypt, where he was soon in danger of extradition. Fearing a return to Italy, Galleani fled to England, where he immigrated to the United States, settling initially in New Jersey where he was editor of La Questione Sociale. In 1902, Galleani was wounded at a demonstration during the Patterson silk strike, and later indicted for inciting to riot. He fled to Canada, where he was literally thrown across the border. Arriving in Barre Vermont, Galleani found refuge with the Italian stone masons in the area. He was the founder and editor of the Cronaca Sovversiva, a major Italian anarchist periodical which ran for a period of about 15 years before being shut down by the U.S. government. Several books that bear his name are excerpts from Cronaca Sovversiva. The one exception is La Fine dell'anarchismo? (The End of Anarchism?) in which Galleani asserts that Anarchy is far from dead, but in fact is a force to be reckoned with.

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Preface The writings of Luigi Galleani that are presented in this new edition, are all published, together with others from the period 1915–18, in the volume Una battaglia, published by “l’Adunata dei Refrattari” in 1947, and three of them (to be exact, those entitled respectively “Per la guerra, per la neutralità, o per, la pace?”) were previously collected in a pamphlet, printed by the comrades of “l’Adunata” in 1929, under the title “Against war, against peace, for social revolution” and “Against war, against peace, for revolution”). Now, many years later, both the pamphlet and the volume have become bibliographical rarities. Since not all the com... (From :
Introduction The first decade of the twentieth century seemed to be quite promising. We were being told at school and on the streets that a new era of democratic freedom and social justice had opened. Criticism of the old institutions was encouraged by politicians, and the hopes of working people were raised by the labor unions’ promises of protection. The vanguards of political and social thought were spreading the seeds of new ideas among the workers of the world about ways and means to bring about a thorough emancipation from the oppression of political power and from the exploitation of land and capital by private ownership. Rulers and employers had not changed, of course, and used violence and terror from time to time... (From :
In our last edition we carried the news that Leo Nikolayevitch Tolstoy had died on the morning of 30 November this year in Astapova. We mentioned at the time something which, albeit a matter of interpretation, is nonetheless true: the report of his death was like a shooting star. Ten days have elapsed since he died and nobody mentions him any more. Within a few years no one outside of the world of literature proper, where he earned his spurs as long ago as 1863 with War and Peace and Anna Karenina, will have anything more to say about his teachings, his philosophical and moral writings. And rightly so. Because his entire philosophy boils down to a sterile attempt at an impossible revival of Christianity and his entire m... (From :
Saverio Merlino sees, according to us, the decomposition and agony of the anarchist movement in the conflict between the individualist and the organizers on the ground of immediate action and in the intimate contradiction particular to the two streams of thought: those, the organizers “are not able to find a compatible organization with the anarchist principles”: those, the individualists, “miss the concept of retaliation which was the spirit of anarchist action. They can’t find a better way to act and they are not able to sustain an organization that they deny.” That these organizers can’t find some form of organization compatible with the anarchist principles is perfectly natural and logical: and this, i... (From : Anarchy Archives.)
Recollect a dusty August afternoon. The oppressive and suffocating atmosphere lay heavy upon the immobile lake, scintillating as an immense sheet of polished steel. It lay heavy over the exhausted vines of the hill, invading even the penumbra of the vast study where opposite each other, we worked on some given statistics relative to the Republic of Guatemala. Moreover, as every day, he had reproached me that afternoon for having begun to work: “You need air, light, sunshine, a great deal of sunshine, much activity,” he said to me, “and the close air of the room is not at all good for you. Go away to Clarens; you will start again tomorrow morning; the work you have done this forenoon will suffice me.” But I did not li... (From :
The anarchist movement and the labor movement follow two parallel lines, and it has been geometrically proven that parallel lines never meet. And since our good burghers, even those who pretend philanthropy redeems usury, will never stop being exploiters or give back what they have unjustly taken; the anarchists, including those who abhor violence and bloodshed, are compelled to conclude that the expropriation of the ruling class will have to be accomplished by the violent social revolution. And they dedicate themselves to this, seeking to prepare the proletariat with every means of education, propaganda and action at their disposal. Do not forget and do not delude yourselves! The proletariat is still a mass, not a class. If i...


August 12, 1861 :
Birth Day.

November 04, 1931 :
Death Day.

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