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About Mariel Cristina Støen

Academic Interests

  • Migration
  • Rural change
  • Critical agrarian studies
  • Political ecology
  • Environmental governance in Latin America

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MAS: I would like to start by asking if you can tell us a little bit about you? AD: Ouuuhhh... I am a dirty skateboarder turned academic who now has a post-doctoral position at the Center for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo. Where I am proudly a part of the Rural Transformations group, which you lead. MAS: I found something you wrote in the book I would like you to explain. It is this adaptation of Michel Foucault, where you say: "How do you expect over a thousand wind turbines—operating, planned and placed in the lands of Mexico—to have survived, and to have established and actually maintained permanent power generation in the coastal Istmo? (p. 21)." How does this tie in to what the book’s about? A... (From:

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