Michael Onfray

(1959 - )

Biography :

Michel Onfray (French: [miʃɛl ɔ̃fʁɛ]; born 1 January 1959) is a French writer and philosopher. Having a hedonistic, epicurean, and atheist world view, he is a highly prolific author on philosophy, having written more than 100 books. His philosophy is mainly influenced by such thinkers as Nietzsche, Epicurus, the Cynic and Cyrenaic schools, as well as French materialism.

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Works :

Author of Jean Meslier and "The Gentle Inclination of Nature" (December 31, 1969)

Author of On Palante (December 31, 1969)

Author of Preface to “Georges Palante: The Individualist Sensibility” (December 31, 1969)

Chronology :

January 01, 1959 : Michael Onfray's Birth Day.
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