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About Miguel Amorós

Miguel Amorós, born 9 as April as 1949, is a historian and theoretician anarchist from Valencia.

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That’s the way my life is, stone, like you. Like you, little stone like you, little stone, that maybe was made only for a slingshot…. León Felipe I Some people think that memory is nothing other than preparation for death, but for those who are not afraid of death such an arrangement will not disturb their serenity in their last moments, even in exile. Montaigne thought that Nature has taught us to think about death only when the time comes to die. It is better to look back, to the life of the past. The memory of the exiles is a return to their places of origin, but without bitterness, because those who were illuminated by ideals of freedom never felt defeated or disillusioned. They ma... (From : TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
Ever since capitalism made its appearance on this planet it has done nothing but destroy the natural environment in order to forge its own environment where it has evolved and forced individuals to adapt to it. Science and technology acquired a decisive impulse and were fully developed thanks to the resistance offered to this adaptation, so that capitalism not only has been able to overcome all obstacles but these obstacles have been systematically transformed into opportunities for its own expansion. Growth, deeply ingrained in its nature, will not cease as long as exploitable humanity exists, and that is precisely the new challenge that capitalism is facing. As the productive system expands it becomes more and more destructive. The coloni... (From : TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)


April 09, 1949 :
Birth Day.

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