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August 23, 1988 — ?

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About Mikola Dziadok

Mikola Dziadok is a Belarusian journalist, anarchist activist, blogger, and political prisoner. He was released in 2015 and became in involved in the 2020 Belarusian protests. He was arrested by authorities and is currently again a political prisoner.

Before his arrest, Dedok, according to himself, was an activist unknown to the general public. His name appeared in the media for the first time only in connection with his arrest. Mikola Dziadok was detained on September 3, 2010, as a suspect in the case of the attack on the Russian Embassy in Minsk on the night of August 31. The law enforcement bodies of Belarus arrested the young man for three days and placed him in a temporary detention center. Failing to collect a sufficient amount of evidence that would confirm Mikola's involvement in the case, law enforcement agencies extended the term of his detention, but in a different case – an attack on the House of Trade Unions. However, when the accusation of his participation again did not receive sufficient evidence, Mikola was detained for the third time as a suspect in the case of an attack on a Belarusbank branch. After that, when all possibilities for detention were exhausted, they began to ascribe other illegal actions to Mikola, in particular, theft and hooliganism. On September 24, 2010, having already served more than 20 days under arrest, Mikola Dziadok was accused of participating in an unauthorized rally near the General Staff of Belarus, and on October 1 he was charged under Article 339, part 2 – "hooliganism." On May 27, 2011, the Zavodskoy Court of Minsk sentenced Dedok to 4 and a half years in a high security prison. Mikola was held in the so-called "anarchist case" together with Igor Olinevich (sentenced to 8 years) and Alexander Frantskevich (sentenced to 3 years).

(Source: Wikipedia.org.)

Mikalaj is a Belarussian social activist and anarchist. He was arrested 11th of November 2020 in Minsk in a secret flat, as he was forced to go underground already few days before the elections in August. While underground, Mikalaj maintained a channel in Telegram, which was followed by more than 13 000 people. He was tortured for more than 5 hours, until he gave up all of his passwords, after which state officials sent insults to his channel.

Mikalaj was also imprisoned 2010-2015, back then he was released in August 22, 2015 as part of the general amnesty of political prisoners.

(Source: Avtonom.org.)

From : Wikipedia.org / Avtonom.org


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