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The point of the program is to train us for the business offices of General Motors. We’re encouraged to get degrees so we’ll fit in a little notch of a large corporation. Instructors compete to design the most boring course. The student’s greatest challenge is to come to class and stay awake. During lectures, one learns daydreaming, finger-popping and other finger techniques. The curriculum includes: Marketing, or how to sell goods to people who don’t want them; Advertising, or how to sell an unsafe car as the safest; Business Communications, or how to write a four-page letter; Business Statistics, or how to tell the difference between a median and a mean; and finally Management, or how to “pacify... (From:
Autumn brings football to college campuses across the country. Black & Red hereby joins other respectable-type journals in fearlessly forecasting the 1968 season. Believing that defense is the key to football success, our predictions are based on the contributions of various colleges to the defense complex. The figures are the current defense contract totals for the Top Ten schools. M.I.T. ($92,423,000)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology figures to be a powerhouse this year with its development of a multiple nuclear offense. Johns Hopkins ($71,041,000)--Johns Hopkins is banking on its aerial attack even though it lost three of its graduates (The Terrier, The Tabs and The Tartar missiles) to the pro ranks. ... (From:


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