Rachelle Slobodinsky Yarros : Birth Control Advocate, Anarchist, Revolutionary

May 18, 1869 — March 17, 1946

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About Rachelle Slobodinsky Yarros

Rachelle Slobodinsky Yarros (May 18, 1869 – March 17, 1946) was an American physician who supported the use of birth control and the social hygiene movement. A graduate of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, Yarros resided at Hull House for many years and opened the second birth control clinic in the nation there. She was an obstetrician/gynecologist affiliated with the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Chicago Lying-in Hospital.

Yarros' social causes included assisting with the founding of the American Social Hygiene Association and founding the first premarital and marital counseling service in the United States. Yarros was married to journalist and anarchist Victor Yarros. Late in life, she left Chicago for Florida and then California, dying of heart problems in San Diego. She has also used the penname Rosa Slobodinsky when writing an Anarchist pamphlet.

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INDIVIDUALIST: “Our host is engaged and requests that I introduce myself to. I beg your pardon, sir, but have I not the pleasure of meeting the Communist speaker who addressed the meeting on Blank street last evening?” COMMUNIST: “Your face seems familiar to me, too.” INDIVIDUALIST: “Doubtless you may have seen me there, or at some kindred place. I am glad at the opportunity to talk with you as your speech proved you to be somewhat of a thinker. Perhaps—” COMMUNIST: “Ah, indeed, I recognize you now. You are the apostle of capitalistic Anarchism!” INDIVIDUALIST: “Capitalistic Anarchism ? Oh, yes, if you choose to call it so. Names are indifferent to me; I... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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May 18, 1869
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March 17, 1946
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