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1942 — ?

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About Rik Lina

RIK LINA (The Netherlands 1942) lived and worked on different continents, preferably in wild nature, as a way of life using Odilon Redon’s advise: “Immerse yourself into nature!”. For this he dedicated life and art to study the deserts, the mountains, tropical rainforest- and coral reef jungles. In 1975, the emigration to the Caribbean island of Bonaire became an essential experience for his work with more than a thousand hours of scuba-diving. A major part of his drawing, painting and graphic work represents poetry and life of the pelagic realms, next to his explorations of the jungles of cloud forests and inner space. ​ After studies at the Rietveld Academy of Amsterdam (1961-1966) he made countless individual and collective international exhibitions. In 1968 he made contact with the surrealists by the BRUMES BLONDS magazine of Laurens Vancrevel and joined the MOUVEMENT PHASES” of Edouard Jaguer since the 1972 exhibition in Peru: “Homage to César Moro” resulting in his friendship with Portuguese artists Artur Cruzeiro Seixas and Mário Cesariny. Founder of the anarchist/surrealist magazine DROOMSCHAAR (1990-1994) and CAPA (Collective Automatic Painting Amsterdam) since 1991. During the last ten years Rik Lina participated in the surrealist poetical magazines Debout sur L’Oeuf, A Phala, Hydrolith, Soapbox, The Annual and Peculiar Mormyrid, and showed his work in solo-exhibitions in Spain at the Fundación Eugenio Granell: “Carribean Jungle”” 2005 and “Birdsong” 2007 Santiago de Compostela, Spain and in Portugal at the Fundação José Rodrigues in Oporto: “The Anvil and the Angel” 2009; “Constellation Riklina” at the cultural center CAE in Figueira da Foz 2010; “Jungles” at the municipal museum of Espinho in 2011; and “Imaginative Configurations” in Famalicao, at the Center of surrealist studies of the “Fundação Cupertino de Miranda” in 2015. Since 2007 he divides his life between Figueira da Foz, Portugal and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Source: RikLina.com.)

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