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March 22, 1922 — ?

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About Saul Newman

Saul Newman is a British political theorist who writes on post-anarchism. He is Professor of Political Theory at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Newman took up the term "post-anarchism" as a general term for political philosophies filtering 19th century anarchism through a post-structuralist lens, and later popularized it through his 2001 book From Bakunin to Lacan. Thus he rejects a number of concepts traditionally associated with anarchism, including essentialism, a "positive" human nature, and the concept of revolution. The links between poststructuralism and anarchism have also been developed by thinkers like Todd May and Lewis Call.

He received his B.A. from the University of Sydney, and his Ph.D in political science from the University of New South Wales. His work has been translated into Turkish, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Serbo-Croatian, and has been the subject of a number of debates among anarchist theorists and activists as well as academics.


Saul Newman is Professor of Political Theory. He joined the Department in 2006. His work is in the area of continental political theory as applied to a study of contemporary forms of radical politics. He coined the term ‘postanarchism’ to describe new post-statist forms of political activism.

His research has also led him to an exploration of sovereignty, political theology, democracy and post-secularism, autonomy and freedom, human rights and statelessness. He has also written widely on the nineteenth century German thinker Max Stirner, and he published the first ever edited collection on Stirner’s thought in the English language.

Saul Newman is Co-director of the Research Unit for Contemporary Political Theory.


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