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About Ta Paidia Tis Galarias

The magazine Τα Παιδιά της Γαλαρίας (The Children of the Gallery) has been published irregularly in the last 20 years. The first issue was published in April 1990. As we wrote in the editorial of that first issue, we had already abandoned the artificial collectivities that our former anarchist ideology dictated, and aiming at speaking to our potential comrades everywhere in our name, or at least only in our pseudonym, we refused to follow an ideology separated from our everyday life or to create another one. This practically meant that we would not try to juxtapose an activist “users’ guide”, a model of an “ideal theory and organization” to be used by all kind of followers, but we would try to develop a consciousness of our own struggle showing to other proletarians, through the depiction of the ideas, the emotions, the practices and the perspectives that emerge in class struggles, the profound causes we are in a continuous, everyday conflict with the ruling class as also with each other.

For us the abolition of waged labor, commodity exchange, democracy, the state, the separations and fragmentations within the proletariat still remain not only a desirable target but also a practical potentiality that emerges in a contradictory way in class struggles, every time they overcome their partial character. The historical movement for communism –which we believe we are a part of– is a practical necessity which comes out of the dead-ends of the contradictory and decadent movement of capitalist social relations and the everyday struggles of proletarians; it is the continuous and arduous search for the recomposition of the human community (Gemeinwesen). The method that we use in our issues to analyze the social-class antagonism, is that of negative dialectics and self-critique.

Our name was inspired from the title of a film we are fond of which refers to the plebeians, to the proletariat that used to frequent the galleries of the Parisian popular theaters during the 19th century. In our use of it, the title indicates the unbound proletariat that sneers at the spectacle and every form of normality.

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The following text is a dialogue between Ta Paidia Tis Galarias (Τα παιδια της γαλαριας) [1] and the Lost Children’s School of Cartography about the latter’s text, Lost in the Fog [2]. This dialogue was produced for publication in TPTG’s journal, along with their Greek translation of Lost in the Fog. 1. Political and Class Composition You say, “While the occupations were perhaps first populated by the same cliques of activists who had championed the previous failed American social movements,” Could you offer the Greek reader some more details regarding these movements? It is fitting you would ask this qu... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
Interview with Greek anti-authoritarian communist collective TPTG about crisis of capitalism and its reflections on Greece and class struggle of proletariat against austerity measures. Interview was made before elections in Greece, but we discuss Left and their actions. Also, first two answers are taken from their article Burdened with Debt Reloaded. In 2010 you’ve published an article Burdened with Debt which you have presented in summer camp. In this article you’ve wrote about the way in which the crisis of capitalism is reflected in Greece, i.e. the “debt crisis” and “shock therapy” of the PASOK government in cooperation with the EU and the IMF, and you have also examined possibilities of class strug... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
One of our first priorities, after the first week of the December 2008 rebellion had passed, was to record its most important events so that comrades abroad could have some first-hand information. The recording took the form of a rough chronology of the events in Athens, supplemented with a chronology of what had happened in Thessaloniki which was written by the Blaumachen group and other comrades. Later, in the end of January 2009, we attempted a first analysis of the rebellion which was the text Like a Winter with a thousand Decembers (co-written with Blaumachen) –a text that, as the Chronologies before it, was sent to numerous comrades abroad. The above-mentioned texts, as well as an older text of ours, The Permanent Crisis in Edu... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
What is everywhere and almost on a daily basis proved is that the propaganda of the ruling class is not relied solely upon the hired bands of lackeys (media scum and academics), but it is also proped up by the confusing ideologies of their self declared enemies. The rulers’power lies in their skill in stuffing their slaves with words to the point of making them the slaves of their words, Vaneigem once said. And he was right. During the last year there was much political debate between Greek and (Slav)Macedonian bureaucracies upon the name,the constitution and the symbols of the new Macedonian state. Two large nationalist demonstrations were held by the major political parties in Greece in order to put pressure on EEC bureaucracy to... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
In January 1994, in the south eastern state of Chiapas in Mexico, news of the Zapatistas armed revolt composed mainly of Indian peasants, traveled all over the world bringing about an explosion of interest and information on Mexico because the rebellion was automatically connected with the Mexican revolution. In this text we undertake an analysis of the class struggles in Mexico since the beginning of the century up till now, which includes a critical presentation of the guerrilla movement of the Zapatistas. Among last year’s events, a presentation of the “National Democratic Convention” was decided upon, not only because its character transcends the boundaries of Chiapas but also because it is indicative of the political ... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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