Ugo Fedeli

May 8, 1898 — March 10, 1964

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About Ugo Fedeli

Ugo Fedeli ( Milan , 8 May 1898 - Ivrea , 10 March 1964 ) was an anarchist and anti-fascist Italian , also known under the false name of Hugo Trains and G. Renti .

He started working very young and will not complete his professional training unless he attends evening courses at a technical school. Immediately a member of groups of young libertarians in Milan who animate an anti-militarist campaign at the time of the Italian-Turkish war , he becomes the friend of some militant just older than himself, such as Francesco Ghezzi and Carlo Molaschi .

Trained in the context of individualists , majority in Milan at this time, where the main representatives were Carlo Molaschi , Leda Rafanelli and Giuseppe Monnanni , Ugo Fedeli participated in social struggles and his participation in 1913 in a strike organized by the Italian Union of Trade Unions earned him his first arrest and police filing as a "dangerous anarchist." On the eve of the First World War he was, together with Mantovani, Franceschelli, Monteverdi, Rafanelli and Molaschi, one of the editors of the newspaper "Il Ribelle" (Milan, 9 issues from 24 October 1914 to 20 March1915 ) of which the person in charge was Giovanni Fontanelli , who supported noninterventionist anarchists , where Fedeli published his first article Down with the war . He was, at this time, repeatedly persecuted for his anti-militarist actions .

In 1917 , after having worked for a few months as a worker for the military, he was called up and very soon, in the name of the Tolstoyan princes, he deserted. After taking refuge in Switzerland , where he found many Milanese militants, there he was involved in the plot known as the "Zurich bombs" (together with other anarchists, including Bruno Misefari and Giuseppe Monnanni ) but was released after a few weeks in prison . Returning to Italy in November 1919 , he was amnestied in 1920 .

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Reply by the "Pensiero e Volontà" Group to an invitation to join the International Anarchist Communist Federation Luigi Fabbri, Camillo Berneri, Ugo Fedeli Translator's introduction: Following publication of the Organizational Platform of the General Union of Anarchists by the Group of Russian Anarchists Abroad, a series of discussions were held in Paris to discuss the setting up of a new Anarchist Communist international. Italy was represented by several groups and individuals, the most prestigious of which was the group representing the journal "Pensiero e Volontà": Fabbri, Berneri and Fedeli. Fedeli, in fact, presided over a meeting held in Paris on 12th February 1927 which called an international conference to discu... (From:

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