Victor Méric

May 10, 1876 — October 10, 1933

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About Victor Méric

Victor Méric is the pseudonym of Henri Coudon (10 May 1876 – 10 October 1933), a French journalist and libertarian author. He contributed to various anarchist journals before World War I (1914–18). Despite being a pacifist, he served in the army during the war. Afterwards he joined the French Communist Party, but was expelled in 1923 for his pacifist convictions. He wrote a number of books, both fiction and nonfiction, and founded the Ligue internationale des combattants de la paix (LICP: International League of Fighters for Peace).

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It all began on December 21, 1911 – fully fourteen years ago, years filled with other killings. On the boulevards the newspapers flew from hand to hand, amid the paperboys’ shouts, “Read all about the crime on rue Ordener! Messenger boy killed in the middle of the day! The murderers fire into the crowd!” No one has forgotten how strong emotions were around this. The crime, carried out with consummate skill and unheard-of calm, conceived and planned to the least detail, was meant to provoke terror. We seemed to be in the presence of a well-organized gang, one that demonstrated horrific boldness, and whose abominable act went far beyond the most shocking crimes ever before seen. The same word was immediately on ever... (From:

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May 10, 1876
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October 10, 1933
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