William Ernst Trautmann

July 1, 1869 — November 18, 1940

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About William Ernst Trautmann

William Ernst Trautmann (July 1, 1869 – November 18, 1940) was founding general-secretary of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and one of 69 people who initially laid plans for the organization in 1904.

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Transcriber's Note: This is the first edition of a booklet that was revised and republished many times by both the I. W. W. and Daniel De Leon's "Detroit I. W. W." (later the W. I. I. U.), to which the author defected in 1913. Later editions are available on this site: 1919 and ca. 1924. The fifth revised edition (1915) published by the W. I. I. U. is in Indiana State University's Debs Collection in PDF format. One Big Union By W. E. Trautmann. Social relations are the reflex of the grouping of industrial possessions. The owners of all resources and means of wealth form a class of their own; the owners of labor power as their only possession in the market, another. Political, judicial, educational and other institutions are only t... (From: Marxists.org.)

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July 1, 1869
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November 18, 1940
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