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About Zoë Dodd

Zoë Dodd is MAP’s inaugural Community Scholar. Dodd has worked in harm reduction for almost 20 years as a program coordinator, organizer and advocate.

(Source: maphealth.ca.)

Zoë Dodd’s paying job is as a front line harm reduction and support worker at the South Riverdale Community Health Center, where she works with a diverse community of clients who experience difficulties accessing conventional medical, social and community services due to low literacy or income levels; housing, family or drug use problems; gender, race, culture or mental health issues.

However, when someone asks Zoë what she does, the list is far longer.

Zoë is a community activist, concerned with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, poverty and harm reduction. She co-founded the hepatitis C program in Toronto and has been coordinating it for more than ten years; a program that has been replicated around Ontario. She is a member of local community activist organizations including AIDS Action Now! and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

(Source: CaseyHouse.ca.)

From : maphealth.ca


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As radicals and writers working on issues of criminalization and drug liberation, we believe that altering the relationships we have with our minds and bodies through substance use is a form of resistance and emancipation. For us, drug liberation is the emancipation of drugs deemed illegal and the people who use them from the control of the state and social structures. In our experience, drug use can facilitate authentic, compassionate, and emotionally bonded social relationships that are not possible otherwise. Drug use can be therapeutic and provide autonomy outside of the pathologizing system of western medicine for coping with trauma and difficult life experiences. Within an economic system that relies on our bodies as a tool of product... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
Dedicated to Raffi Balian Canada is in the midst of a devastating opioid overdose crisis, an unprecedented health emergency. This is an emergency that has been caused and exacerbated by state bureaucracies, hierarchies, and policy and laws that criminalize drugs and the people who use them. The losses are staggering, and the grief is overwhelming. Yet bureaucratic red tape, the ongoing war on drugs and government inaction continues to fuel the fire. And we continue to lose more of our friends and family members. We are in a position where our only path to survival is to bypass state imposed red tape, rules and regulations. To help our friends, families and ourselves, it is our ethical responsibility to take things into our own hands. W... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
Editors’ Note We regret that, due to an editorial error, an incorrect version of the following piece appears in the print edition of Perspectives, N. 29, on “Anarcha-feminisms.” Please read and share this version of McClelland and Dodd’s essay, as it demonstrates the language and ideas they intended to represent. We are grateful to the authors for their grace and understanding with this error, and apologize for any confusion this may have created. “As a woman living with HIV, I am often asked whether there will ever be a cure for AIDS. My answer is that there is already a cure. It lies in the strength of women, families and communities, who support and empower each other to break the silence around HIV/AIDS... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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