....and Bloodsuckers in the Bank

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(1984 - 2021)

The Workers Solidarity Movement was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1984 following discussions by a number of local anarchist groups on the need for a national anarchist organization. At that time with unemployment and inequality on the rise, there seemed every reason to argue for anarchism and for a revolutionary change in Irish society. This has not changed. Like most socialists we share a fundamental belief that capitalism is the problem. We believe that as a system it must be ended, that the wealth of society should be commonly owned and that its resources should be used to serve the needs of humanity as a whole and not those of a small greedy minority. But, just as importantly, we see this struggle against capitalism as also being a struggle for freedom. We believe that socialism and freedom must go together, that we cannot have one without the other. Anarchism has always stood for individual freedom. But it also stands for democracy. We believe in democratizing... (From: WSM.ie.)

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....and Bloodsuckers in the Bank

Lawrence Summers, Vice-President and chief economist of the World Bank is just the man to explain “free market” values to any of us who may have illusions about fairness or human rights.

In a leaked memo he explained how the economic logic of dumping toxic waste in the less developed countries was impeccable. According to him people in low wage countries are going to die quicker, and so won’t have time to die of cancer.

He said a person in a low wage country might earn $500 a year and have ten years to live, whereas in a higher-wage country a similar person might earn $50,OOO a year and have twenty years to live, and so would contribute more to “economic growth”. Therefore you should put the pollution where the lower value is.

Needless to say, he didn’t talk about using cleaner production processes or increased safety measures. That would be an unforgivable interference with the “free market” right to extract the maximum profits.

Lest we think that Summers is “unrepresentative”, the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation has given a large loan to Egypt to build a factory producing air conditioners and fridges with CFCs. The “free market” doesn’t care about wrecking the ozone layer either.

(Source: Retrieved on 10th October 2021 from struggle.ws.)

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