By Renzo Novatore (1925)

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(1890 - 1922)

Italian Illegalist, Individualist, Anti-Fascist Poet and Rebel

Abele Rizieri Ferrari (May 12, 1890 – November 29, 1922), better known by the pen name Renzo Novatore, was an Italian individualist anarchist, illegalist and anti-fascist poet, philosopher and militant, now mostly known for his posthumously published book Toward the Creative Nothing (Verso il nulla creatore) and associated with ultra-modernist trends of futurism. His thought is influenced by Max Stirner, Friedrich Nietzsche, Georges Palante, Oscar Wilde, Henrik Ibsen, Arthur Schopenhauer and Charles Baudelaire. (From: Wikipedia.org.)

Shawn P. Wilbur is an independent scholar and translator. His current projects include translations of the works of Bakunin and Proudhon into English, and the forthcoming Emma Goldman collection, "Anarchy and the Sex Question: Essays on Women and Emancipation, 1896-1917." More of his work, and a large collection of documents and translations from anarchist history, can be found at libertarian-labyrinth.org. (From: c4ss.org.)

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I have always been the one that I was, and I will always be the one that I could be; for two relative subjects alone are true: the sun could not become the moon, but if by some chance it should become it, it would no longer be the sun. So who is it that wishes to divert my course?

Do not dam the river, if you have good sense.

Let the joyous violence rush along its tranquil bed. Don’t you see how merrily it sings as it hastens towards its ocean?

I say to you, wise ones: Do not make tragic what can be cheerful. That would be an injury to everything, but the worst harm would be at the expense of human beauty.

And let this be said once again to the too-long ears of the ancient aristocracy, for it is not only a privilege of caste to live superbly beyond good and evil, but also a privilege of strength and good taste… of all strength, of all good taste.

So when will the day break when a man will become a God of Joy and Laughter?

Who would prevent us from making of the entire world a celebration, a free and magnificent feast?

We have announced it.

Let every river rush toward its ocean, to the accents of its joyous songs.

I am the one who is and I go toward my ocean, which is beautiful, deep and joyful, because it is mine — uniquely mine.

Woe to those who live near my banks, if they should obstruct my course!

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