PIGskin Preview

By Paul Beiter (1968)

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PIGskin Preview

Autumn brings football to college campuses across the country. Black & Red hereby joins other respectable-type journals in fearlessly forecasting the 1968 season. Believing that defense is the key to football success, our predictions are based on the contributions of various colleges to the defense complex. The figures are the current defense contract totals for the Top Ten schools.

  1. M.I.T. ($92,423,000)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology figures to be a powerhouse this year with its development of a multiple nuclear offense.

  2. Johns Hopkins ($71,041,000)--Johns Hopkins is banking on its aerial attack even though it lost three of its graduates (The Terrier, The Tabs and The Tartar missiles) to the pro ranks.

  3. Stanford ($45,492,000)--Exotic new weapons figure to snuff out opponents. Excellent scouting by the C.I.A. should help the Indians.

  4. Cornell ($23,824,000)--The Big Red are fired up this year. Napalm has finally jelled at the quarterback slot, and will lead the incendiary attack.

  5. Michigan ($17,700,000)--The Wolverines base their bid for national power on a new play: the Willow Run. U. of M’s defense is solidly built on counter-insurgency devices.

  6. California ($17,353,000)--The Golden Bears retain their explosive attack. U. of C. leads the world in development of nuclear weapons.

  7. Columbia ($16,416,000)--If Columbia can control dissension on its squad it could be one of the top teams this year. The Lions are tough on slippery turf, specializing in underwater warfare.

  8. Illinois Institute of Technology ($14,700,000)--I.I.T.‘s aerobiology work leaves opponents stunted. The team will never run out of gas in the second half.

  9. University of Illinois ($10,960,000)--The Fighting Illini have been practicing behind closed gates. Experts look for them to unveil an explosive ground attack.

  10. George Washington University ($4,500,000)--The coach’s fighting halftime pep talks will bring “optimum kill power of man/small arms weapons.”

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