Summons to the 4th Extraordinary Congress : Of Peasant, Worker, and Partisan Delegates

By Nestor Makhno (1919)

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(1888 - 1934)

Anarchist Leader of the Anti-Bolshevik, Anti-Capitalist Partisans of the Ukraine

: Nestor Makhno was the leader of a libertarian peasant and worker army and insurrection in the Ukraine which successfully fought Ukrainian nationalists, the Whites, the Bolsheviks and the bourgeoisie and put anarchism into practice in the years following the Russian Revolution. (From: Intro to Struggle Against the State.)
• "Burn their laws and destroy their prisons, kill the hangmen, the bane of mankind. Smash authority!" (From: "The Anarchist Revolution," by Nestor Makhno.)
• "I take revolutionary discipline to mean the self-discipline of the individual, set in the context of a strictly-prescribed collective activity equally incumbent upon all." (From: "On Revolutionary Discipline," Dyelo Truda, No. 7-....)
• "Long live the fratenal and shared hopes of all Anarchist militants that they may see the realization of that grand undertaking -- the endeavor of our movement and of the social revolution for which we struggle!" (From: "On the History of the Spanish Revolution of 1931,....)

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Summons to the 4th Extraordinary Congress

(Telegram No.416)

To all district, cantonal, communal and village executive committees in the governments of Ekaterinoslav, Tauride and neighboring regions; 
To all units of the First Insurgent Division of the Ukraine, known as the Father Makhno Division;
To all Red Army troops stationed in the same areas.
To one and all.

At its sitting on May 30, the executive committee of the military revolutionary council, after scrutiny of the impact upon the front of the onslaught of White gangs, and consideration of the overall political and economic situation of soviet power, came to the conclusion that only the toiling masses themselves, and not individuals or parties, can devise a solution to this. Which is why the executive committee of the Gulyai-Polye regional military revolutionary committee has decided to summon an extra-ordinary congress in Gulyai-Polye on June 15.

Electoral procedure:

  1. The peasants and workers are to choose one delegate per three thousand members of the population.
  2. Insurgents and Red soldiers are to delegate one representative per troop unit (regiment, division, etc.).
  3. Staffs: the staff of the Father Makhno Division will send two delegates: the brigade staffs will send one delegate per rank.
  4. The district executive committees will return one delegate per fraction (party representatives).
  5. District party organizations - the ones acepting the foundations of "soviet" rule - will return one delegate per organization.


  1. Elections for workers' and peasants' delegates are to take place at village, cantonal, workshop of factory general assemblies.
  2. On their own, the assemblies of the members of the soviets or committees of these units may not proceed with these elections.
  3. In the event that the military revolutionary council is not sufficiently numerous, delegates will have to be issued with provisions and money on the spot.


  1. Report from the executive committee of the military revolutionary committee and delegates' reports.
  2. News.
  3. The object, role and tasks of the soviet of peasants', workers', partisans' and Red soldiers' delegates of the Gulyai-Polye region.
  4. Reorganization of the region's military revolutionary council.
  5. Military disposition in the region.
  6. Supply issues.
  7. The agrarian question.
  8. Financial business.
  9. Peasant laborers' and workers' unions.
  10. Public security business.
  11. The matter of the administration of justice in the region.
  12. Matters in hand.

Signed: The Executive Committee of the Military Revolutionary Council

Dated: Gulyai-Polye, May 31, 1919.

(Source: Daniel Guérin, No Gods, No Masters.)

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May 31, 1919
Summons to the 4th Extraordinary Congress — Publication.

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