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As one of the law consultant & blogger and sub- Editor, bangle zone, Leading Light web page played a pivotal role to make llco web page as popular one among the net based readers. I am solely publishing llbangla blog page for bangle readers. I am always honest to my law profession and duties. Always I am maintaining my word and time. So far I wrote about thousands of blogs and articles on different topics. Such as politics, laws, social changes, revolutionary sciences, environment development and so on.
I am obtained master degree in three subjects e.g. Sociology, History and Laws from different university of Bangladesh with good marks. I got first class in law department of metropolitan university, Sylhet, Bangladesh, Sociology from Dhaka University and History from National University, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am participated in several training course and seminars such as “community health development”, “Environment protection and climate change management”, “Regenerative Agriculture Technique”, “Local Government system development”, “Disaster preparedness & management”, “Gender Analysis and Development”, “Basic computer literacy course”, “project management and Report writing”, “ Message development course” “community based elderly people rehabilitation course”, etc.

I have good skills in English and bangle language and studied huge books, magazine and papers and also simultaneously writing on different media. I am committed to my works and duties.

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