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About Alliance of Revolutionary Socialists

The Alliance of the Revolutionary Socialists (Russian: Союз Революционных Социалистов, abbreviated ARS) is a Russian communist organization with anti-capitalist views. It believes in "a society without private property, classes, states, wage labor, money and commodity production".

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The classical social-democratic and “communist” movements are gone. The crisis of humanity is reduced to the proletarian crisis. This class is currently in the worst state in its history, having been reduced to an army of totally defenseless and mercilessly exploited wage slaves. The duty of revolutionaries is therefore to understand this historical crisis and its causes instead of reciting old Trotskyite mantras. It’s also useful to understand the extent to which the old proletariat of the social-democratic and communist parties was socialist, and what Marxism meant in the context those ideologies. Ten Theses on Marxism Today (Karl Korsch, 1950): It no longer makes sense to ask to what extent th... (From:
The current world crisis of capitalism is provoking a wave of proletarian protests, and will inevitably provoke them in the future. In the CIS, the first serious sign of things to come was the workers’ revolt at the Kherson machine-building factory this February. By now it is clear that the reactionary Party of Regions has subdued the workers’ struggle, and it is time to analyze the reasons behind this defeat. We have to learn from mistakes, and in order to save the approaching future struggles in the CIS and the world from a similar fate, we must pick out the key factors in the defeat. The Kherson Revolt: What it Was and How it Ended Up On the 2 February, workers from the Kherson machine-building factory have “m... (From:
One must be lazy to not talk of the crisis nowadays. In a song defiantly titled “Anticrisis”, Seva, a popular Russian Internet rapper, even raps about smiling more and taking chances to free ride as the crisis endures. While in Kiev, an open-air cinema in one of the city’s parks displayed a pop video where a singer and his revealingly dressed female crew insisted on forgetting about the crisis and relaxing. Show business certainly gives interesting advise, but it’s hardly possible for all those ordinary working people to relax while bearing the brunt of the crisis on their shoulders. And there’s all the less reason to smile for those millions who were laid off. Even more so for the students - who, having... (From:
We struggle for the destruction of capitalism; we struggle for Communism — for a society without private property, classes, states, wage labor, money and commodity production; a society of cooperation, not of antagonistic competition. Our position is: The advance into Communism can only be achieved by means of Proletarian Revolution – revolution by the oppressed class of capitalist society, those deprived of political and economic power. Revolution means destruction of the bourgeois state machine (bureaucracy, police, etc) by a Proletarian uprising, collective expropriation of capitalist property and total socialization of the means of production. After destruction of the bourgeois state mac... (From:

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