André Lorulot

October 23, 1885 — 1963

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About André Lorulot

André Lorulot (born Georges André Roulot; 23 October 1885 – 1963) was a French individualist anarchist and freethinker, born in Paris, in the district of Gros-Caillou. Lorulot was known for his exploration of anticlerical ideas, including in his most famous book Why I am an Atheist, published in 1933 with a foreword by Han Ryner. Lorulot chaired the National Federation of Freethought and co-founded the newspapers L'Anarchie and La Calotte.

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Introduction It is perhaps ironic that France, the country of great mass revolutions, of 1789, of 1830, of 1848, of the Commune of 1871, of the Popular Front strikes of 1936 and the uprising of May 1968, gave birth to the most diverse and influential group of anarchist individualist thinkers, writers, and militants. Or perhaps it is precisely because of France’s revolutionary history that individualism took such firm root. If we examine the country’s revolutions and mass movements, what is abundantly clear is that for all its revolutionary fervor, for all the bloodshed and sacrifice, in every case the revolution either served the interests of people other than the workers who made them, or were bloody failures that set the mo... (From:
The newspapers have announced the news of the signing of a treaty between the Papacy and the Soviets. However distressing this might be, it didn’t surprise me too much. I knew that the Church was making great efforts to penetrate Russia and that since the fall of czarism it considered the country as a vast prey it must grab... So this is what revolutions are good for! In Russia, like in Germany and as in the past in France, they are always used by the church, thanks to its unlimited powers of adaptation and penetration. Why did the Soviets do this? Are they so overwhelmed that they are reduced to accepting all concessions, all humiliations? Do they share the error, so widespread among Marxists, that the religious question is of no ... (From:
No, liberty is not for us. We are too ignorant, too vain, too presumptuous, too cowardly, too vile, too corrupted — Marat I have to say it and I will say it. In taking up the pen I committed myself, all alone, to banishing all forms of partizanship and to refusing to retreat before any truths. Hypocrisy is repugnant to me, if it’s from the Right or the Left. This need for honesty has made me many enemies, even — and how ironic- among “friends” and “brothers.” Beat up on the capitalist and the fascist: that’s fine. Bravo! You’ll be encouraged, at least verbally (when you have to pay with your own money it’s already more difficult — you end up paying with your ski... (From:
We don’t have the pretension of responding in one article to questions as vast and interesting as these. This is the goal that our “Idée Libre” proposes to fulfill, and we only want to indicate here an overview of the work to be carried out, a work whose urgency and necessity escape no one. For too long we have contented ourselves with responding to these questions with a few pompous clichés or sonorous phrases. For too long we have limited ourselves to purely sentimental declarations or virulent affirmations. We can’t be satisfied with words or dreams, and we think it is time to substitute precise concepts based on discussion, experience, and knowledge for abstract formulas and puerile declamations. ... (From:

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