Émile Armand : Radical Individualist, Anarchist Revolutionary, Amorous Free Lover

March 26, 1872 — February 19, 1962

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About Émile Armand

Émile Armand (pseudonym of Ernest-Lucien Juin Armand; 26 March 1872 – 19 February 1962) was an influential French individualist anarchist at the beginning of the 20th century and also a dedicated free love/polyamory, intentional community, and pacifist/antimilitarist writer, propagandist and activist. He wrote for and edited the anarchist publications L’Ère nouvelle (1901–1911), L’Anarchie, L'EnDehors (1922–1939) and L’Unique (1945–1953).

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March 26, 1872
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February 19, 1962
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