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About Jamie Heckert

Jamie Heckert is an activist, scholar and yoga teacher living in the south of England. He intended to study chemistry and environmental studies when we went off to do his liberal arts degree at Grinnell College (USA), but found himself focusing on psychology and gender & women's studies. His postgraduate studies in sociology at the University of Edinburgh combined interviews and personal insight with feminist, (post)anarchist and queer theories to rethink (sexual) politics. This scholarly work has always been intertwined with the evolution of his activism: organizing Pride events with increasing ambivalence, teaching sex education with joy and exploring how it feels to put anarchy into practice. Jamie attempts to do this, in part, by weaving together personal stories and cultural analyzes with academic theory and spiritual wisdom to create consciously performative lectures, participatory workshops and engaging writing. As well as contributing to numerous scholarly and movement publications, Jamie is a founding member of the Anarchist Studies Network, coeditor (with Richard Cleminson) of Anarchism & Sexuality: Ethics, Relationships and Power, editor of a special issue of Sexualities, and Love Life columnist for the web magazine Bella Caledonia. He's held positions at Napier University (Sociology), the University Kent (Law) and Essex University (Business School). He currently lives in Poole, England, where he listens, writes and invites the impossible.

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Jamie Heckert is a founding member of the Anarchist Studies Network. His writings on identity, ethics, non-monogamy, post-anarchism and ecology have appeared in a variety of activist and scholarly publications.

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