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II. THE history of the great revolution, when properly understood, is the most striking illustration of what we Anarchists maintain, namely, that even during a revolutionary period, even with assemblies elected under the pressure of the revolted masses, the parliamentary representatives of the nation, far from promoting the accomplishment of the revolution, were like heavy shot attached to its feet. If the French-peasants had expected their liberation from the feudal yoke from the National Convention, the Assembly, or the Legislative Assembly, or even the Convention, would have come out of the revolution under nearly the same burden as before. And if France had expected from her legislators the abolition of court rule, court rule would have... (From : AnarchyArchives.)

Kropotkin, P. . The Great French Revolution, 1789-1793 (N. F. Dryhurst, Trans.) New York: Vanguard Printings. (Original work published 1909) The Fifth and Sixth of October 1789 King refuses to sanction Declaration-Middle classes and people in opposition to royalty-Influence of people on upper classes-Power of King's veto during Revolution-Assembly refuse King the veto, but grant him the suspensive veto-Weakness of Assembly-Scarcity of food in Paris-Accusations against royal family and people at Court-Danger of national bankruptcy-Plans for King's escape-Influence of history of Charles I. on Louis XVI.-His terror of Revolution-Plotting continues-Preparations for march on Versailles-Precautions of King-Outbreak of insurrection-March on Versailles-Queen chief object of people's animosity-Entry of women into Versailles-King sanctions Declaration of Rights of Man-Lafayette sets out for Versailles-Terror at Court-End...

REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT Peter Kropotkin TRANSLATED FROM “LA REVOLTE” And reprinted from “The Commonweal.” PRICE ONE PENNY LONDON. 40, BERNER STREET, COMMERCIAL ROAD, E. 1892. REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT PART 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That the Governments at present existing ought to be abolished, so that Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity should no longer be empty words but become living realities, and that all forms of government as yet tried have only been so many forms of oppression, and ought to be replaced by a new form of grouping, so far all who have a brain and temperament ever so little revolutionary unanimously agree. In truth one does not need to be much of an innovator in order to arrive at this conclusion; the vises of t... (From : Anarchy Archives.)


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