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Kropotkin, P. (1927). The Great French Revolution, 1789-1793 (N. F. Dryhurst, Trans.) New York: Vanguard Printings. (Original work published 1909) PARIS ON THE EVE OF THE FOURTEENTH Revolution centered in Paris, not in Assembly--Paris ready to rise--Districts organize people--Arrest of soldiers of Gardes françaises--Scarcity of bread--Fury of people increases--Dismissal of Necker--Camille Desmoulins appeals to arms--Struggle begins--Tocsin rung--People procure food and arms--Permanent Committee instituted--Formation of National Guard-Middle classes try to disarm people THE attention of the historians is generally absorbed by the National Assembly. The representatives of the people assembled at Versailles seem to personify the Revolution, and their last words or acts are chronicled with pious devotion. Nevertheless, it was not there that the passionate heart of the Revolution was throbbing during those July da...


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