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Chapter 21 Before Betsy had time to walk out of the drawing-room, she was met in the doorway by Stepan Arkadyevitch, who had just come from Yeliseevs, where a consignment of fresh oysters had been received. "Ah! princess! what a delightful meeting!" he began. "Ive been to see you." "A meeting for one minute, for Im going," said Betsy, smiling and putting on her glove. "Dont put on your glove yet, princess; let me kiss your hand. Theres nothing Im so thankful to the revival of the old fashions for as the kissing the hand." He kissed Betsys hand. "When shall we see each other?" "You dont deserve it," answered Betsy, smiling. "Oh, yes, I deserve a great deal, for Ive become a most serious person. I dont only manage my own affairs, but other peoples too," he said, with a significant expression.


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