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A Factor of Evolution Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution Peter Kropotkin1902 Chapter 6: MUTUAL AID IN THE MEDIÆVAL CITY(continued) Likeness and diversity among the medi&ealig;val cities. -- The craftguilds: State-attributes in each of them. -- Attitude of the city towards the peasants; attempts to free them. -- The lords. -- Results achieved by the mediæval city: in arts, in learning. -- Causes of decay.    The mediæval cities were not organized upon some preconceived plan in obedience to the will of an outside legislator. Each of them was a natural growth in the full sense of the word -- an always varying result of struggle between various forces which adjusted and re-adjusted themselves in conformity with their relative energies, the chances of their conflicts, and the support they found in their surroundings. Therefore, there are not two cities whose inner organization and destinies would have b...


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