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Kropotkin, P. . The Great French Revolution, 1789-1793 (N. F. Dryhurst, Trans.) New York: Vanguard Printings. (Original work published 1909) Chapter XXI Fears of the Middle Classes-The New Municipal Organization Unexpected reaction sets in-Exultation of revolutionists-Their misconception of the situation-Reaction versus Revolution-Aims of middle classes-Assembly, afraid of people, strengthens its position-Council of Three Hundred establishes its authority-Importance of Bailly and Lafayette-Martial law voted-Marat, Robespierre and Buzot alone protest-Intrigues of Duke of Orlans and Count de Provence-Mirabeau-Aims of educated middle class-Duport, Charles de Lameth and Barnavo-Bailly and Lafayette-Alarm of middle classes at insurrection-Proposal of Sieys accepted-Ancient feudal divisions abolished-France divided into departments-Electoral Assemblies-Difference between passive and active...


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