Letter to Villiaumé

By Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1857)

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(1809 - 1865) ~ Father of Anarcho-Mutualism : ...he turned his talents instead to the printer's trade, a profession which gave birth to many anarchists, but the first to call himself an anarchist was Proudhon. By mid-century, Proudhon was the leading left intellectual in France or for that matter, all of Europe, far surpassing Marx's notoriety or Bakunin's. Proudhon... (From : Dana Ward Bio.)
• "Revolutions are the successive manifestation of justice in human history. — It is for this reason that all revolutions have their origins in a previous revolution." (From : "Toast to the Revolution," by Pierre-Joseph Proudh....)
• "The revolution, in that epoch, without abandoning its first given, took another name, which was already celebrated. It called itself philosophy." (From : "Toast to the Revolution," by Pierre-Joseph Proudh....)
• "What is your flag? Association! And your motto? Equality before fortune! Where are you taking us? To Brotherhood!" (From : "Toast to the Revolution," by Pierre-Joseph Proudh....)

Shawn P. Wilbur is an independent scholar and translator. His current projects include translations of the works of Bakunin and Proudhon into English, and the forthcoming Emma Goldman collection, "Anarchy and the Sex Question: Essays on Women and Emancipation, 1896-1917." More of his work, and a large collection of documents and translations from anarchist history, can be found at libertarian-labyrinth.org. (From : c4ss.org.)


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Letter to Villiaumé

My dear Villiaumé, it is too warm for me to venture, with my sick head, all the way to Rue Marsollier. I am thinking instead of fleeing for ten or twelve days to some hole in Franche-Comté, where the devil may perhaps not come to torment me with his pomps and work.

But you, who are spry, come some evening after your dinner and we will have a mug at the local cabaret, which will do you as much good as an ample banquet. Friendship, and understanding as well, is surely found in a modest to your health.

I regret to learn of the illness of Béranger, whom I have not seen.

I had intended to pay tribute to him this year with a copy of my next book: it is an honor that will be denied me.

It occurs to me that I have known hardly any of the distinguished men of the century: Châteaubriant, P.-L. Courier, Jouffroy, Cousin, Nodier, E. Burnouf, Guizot, Thiers, Barrot, Royer-Collard, Lamartine, A. de Musset, A. de Vigny, Béranger. Lamennais, Arago, etc., etc.

With those few that I have encountered, I have had to do battle: P. Leroux, L. Blanc, V. Considérant; there will be others.

Am I not the excommunicated of the era!

Of course I will have no one at my burial. There is a proverb that says: Vœ soli!… Woe to the loner!… thinking of it, I ask myself if I do not drag along the chains of some great culprit condemned in a former existence, as J. Reynaud teaches?

I begin to be very weary of life and seek only to speak my piece before I die. That done, I say: To hell with me and the human race! Regards.

P.-J. Proudhon

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July 13, 1857
Letter to Villiaumé — Publication.

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