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Letter to Two Worlds Publishing

 Photo by samdecle, CC BY License

Photo by samdecle,
CC BY License

c/o Carlone. 8, ave de Verdun

Nice (A-M) France

Feb 25, 1927

Mr. Samuel Roth,

Two Worlds Publishing:


A friend of mine in America has sent me a copy of the “Two Worlds Monthly” containing the first installment of my translation of “A Chambermaid’s Diary.” It is perfectly proper to publish my translation, but it is decidedly improper to do so without accompanying it with my name as translator. In fact, such conduct is an indecency beneath contempt. The example has been set by the house of Mali and Liverwrong, which has recently split up. Perhaps you are yourself the offshoot. The fact of multiplication by mere splitting up is characteristic of the order of protozoa, the lowest grade of the animal kingdom, to which you evidently belong. Each of these creatures consists of a cell of jelly, without the slightest individuality,- that is to say, exactly like its neighbor. The order seems to be multiplying in America with disgusting rapidity.

I may add that this protest is not to be taken as indicative of a desire on my part to see my name published in association with your own. Far from it!

Benjamin R. Tucker


February 25, 1927 :
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